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If you’re a victim of cancer, it’s very important to keep your mouth strong and healthy. If you don’t, you could experience painful and inconvenient side effects and issues when you go through your cancer treatment. So, to help you have the most successful treatment possible, our Riverdale Dental P.C. team recommends that you do the following things:

-Visit your dentist: It’s very important to visit your dentist because they can treat areas of concern, which can reduce possible dental side effects that are related to chemotherapy and radiation. Some treatment recommendations might include providing a fluoride treatment, filling existing cavities, treating gum disease, or removing infected teeth.

-Brush regularly: It’s important to brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. It’s also recommended to use an extra-soft toothbrush. If you need your brush to be softer, just soak it in warm water. Don’t forget to brush your tongue!

-Floss: Do your best to floss once a day. This will help remove plaque from between your teeth, which will help prevent gum disease. If your gums are sensitive or sore or if they are bleeding, avoid flossing those areas and move on to flossing the other teeth.

-Avoid using tobacco: Tobacco products are extremely dangerous and harmful for your body, especially your mouth. So, please avoid using tobacco. Also, if you stop using tobacco products, it may help your body heal faster.

-Rinse often: Mouthwash is a great product that will help you in many ways. It can deeply clean your smile, reduce your chances of having decay or infection, and protect your teeth from the acidic particles in vomit.

To learn more about how to keep a pristine oral health while you undergo cancer treatment in Riverdale, New York, please call our office today at 718-548-3353 and talk to your dentist, Dr. Sidney Adler, or a member of our friendly dental team. We are more than happy to help you, and we look forward to hearing from you!