Understanding Teeth Whitening Treatments

Are you familiar with the different types of teeth whitening treatments that are available? Along with various whitening or several cleaning products you may select, your dentist can use specialized whitening trays and systems to improve the look and shade of your teeth. Speak with your dentist about the various... Read more »

Find Help For Your Toothaches Here!

Do you have questions about your toothache? If so, you have come to the right blog! Our skilled dentists, Dr. Sidney Adler and Dr.  Beth Berson with Riverdale Oral Health and Implant Center in Riverdale, New York, care about your oral health and want you to have a healthy, pain-free... Read more »

Reverse Gum Disease Today!

It’s never too late to rid yourself of gum disease! If gum disease goes neglected, then you could suffer a dramatic loss in your teeth and bones. That is why it’s important to understand how to rid yourself of gum disease and to help you, our dentists, Sidney Adler DDS,... Read more »

Protecting Your Tooth Enamel

Ever wonder where the expression “pearly whites” comes from? It refers to the enamel on your teeth. Your tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your body. It has to be to take the punishment that comes from biting, chewing and eating. But as tough as it is, your enamel... Read more »

When Should You Make a Dental Appointment?

All things being equal, you should see the dentist twice a year for your routine appointments. Those visits give the dentist the chance to clean your teeth, and check them for cavities, gum disease and other problems. In some cases, Dr. Adler and Dr. Berson may want to see you... Read more »

Flossing Habits for 2018

The new year is here, and for many, that means New Year’s Resolutions. We have a suggestion that doesn’t have to be forgotten by Valentine’s Day: take better care of your mouth! This starts with brushing your teeth, of course, but do you floss every day? Here are some pointers... Read more »

Your Whitening Options

Are you interested in whitening your teeth? If so, our dentist, Dr. Sidney Adler, has some information you might be looking for. That information is the teeth whitening options available in the world today. The more you know about teeth whitening, the better chance you have of choosing the right... Read more »

Some Home Remedies for Wisdom Teeth that Ache

When you have a slight toothache from an erupting or impacted wisdom tooth, there are some remedies you can try using to alleviate the uneasiness. However, please note that no home remedy can take the place of the thoughtful care of a licensed professional; see us if the discomfort is... Read more »

Outlining the Steps of a Root Canal

The ultimate goal for a root canal is to repair a severely infected tooth as opposed to complete extraction. Treatment is done by removing the damaged pulp of the tooth, sanitizing it, and then packing it full of a rubber-like substance and sealing it. Normally, the instigator of a root... Read more »

The Causes of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

While helping your young children to learn to brush can be tough, it's downright impossible, hazardous and not advised for children aged 3 and under. For babies and newborns, you can use dental tissues, also referred to as tooth wipes. Tooth tissues should be used after children swallow or drink... Read more »