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Patient Forms for Your Visit

We have implemented extraordinary measures to ensure optimal safety and infection control for you, your family, and our team to best deal with COVID-19.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Strict pre-screening prior to all appointments.
  • Minimizing patients in-office interactions for payment and insurance.
  • Verifications by telephone/email communications and instructions.
  • Screening procedures on the day of the appointment, including temperature and vitals readings.
  • Monitoring our team members’ health status specific to COVID-19 by daily logs prior to each workday including taking of temperatures.
  • Mandatory hand sanitizing station available for patients upon entry and exit.
  • Utilizing different treatment rooms for each patient with “timeout protocol” of filtering air and thorough cleaning with proper recommended disinfectants.
  • Thorough office cleaning and sanitizing services provided by our outside cleaning company, Coverall Health Based Cleaning System.
  • Appointment of COVID-19 enforcement officer to ensure new protocol execution.
  • Waiting area is rearranged to ensure proper social distancing guidelines.
  • Front desk barrier installed.
  • Mandatory medicated rinse for all patients prior to and during appointments.
  • Mandatory mask enforcement for patients entering our office.
  • Medical waste and sharps removal provided by industry leader, Stericycle.
  • No outside personnel accompanying the patient unless medically necessary.
  • Following the latest infection control protocol and guidelines by the CDC, American Dental Association, NY State Dental Association, and NY State Department of Health.
  • Mandatory additional training of all office staff on Infection control.
  • Protocols specifically on COVID-19 by the Dental Resource Center company specializing in staff training.
  • Contracting healthcare-specific laundry service company for our team members’ uniforms.
  • Implementation of the latest guidelines by OSHA.
  • Air filtration units installed.
  • Proper PPE implementation for all team members.
  • Additional maintenance of all dental equipment to ensure proper function during patient care treatment.
  • Maintenance of air conditioning units including filters replacement to provide cleaner air and cooling capacity.
  • IT upgrades and maintenance for proper in-office computer system functions.
  • Website announcements and patient communications including additional forms and up-to-date information to minimize appointment times and safety protocols for patients.
  • Post-operative screening of patients the day after their dental visit.

These are some of the thorough protocols we have been implementing to make your visit safe and pleasant during these challenging times. We are constantly monitoring authorities’ guidelines to ensure proper care of our patients. We are all in this together; your family is our family.