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If you’re preparing to restore your oral health with a dental implant in Riverdale, New York, our Riverdale Oral Health and Implant Center team is more than happy to help you! We believe that knowing each step of the treatment can help you feel more prepared for your appointment, so we have happily explained the three phases involved in dental implant treatment:

Phase 1
First, your dentist will place a small titanium post into the bone socket of your missing tooth. This post will act as the root for the replacement tooth. Then, the jawbone will need to heal around it, which could take anywhere between six and 12 weeks. During this time, your dentist may ask you to have a soft foods diet so the site remains unharmed.

Phase 2
Once the post has bonded to the jaw bone, a small connector post is attached to the root implant post. This will hold the replacement tooth in its position. Your dentist will then make the new tooth by making impressions of your teeth and taking a model of your bite. Next, your dentist will send that information to a dental lab where your crown or bridge is created.

Phase 3
When your crown or dental bridge is made, your dentist will place it over the connector post, which is also known as the abutment. The replacement tooth with have the perfect size, shape, and color to give you the natural-looking results you desire.

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