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Whether it is a routine check-up or root canal treatment, some individuals have a very real fear of visiting the dentist. If you experience such feelings, don’t let them get in the way of your dental health. Here are some tips from us at the Riverdale Oral Health and Implant Center to help reduce dental anxiety.

Plan Ahead

Schedule your check-ups at the Riverdale Oral Health and Implant Center several days in advance. Rushing to the dentist’s office will do nothing to ease your fears, but giving yourself time to prepare will.

Relax Before

Whether you meditate, exercise, or read a book, finding ways to relax before visiting your dentist can do a lot to reduce anxiety.

Speak With Your Dentist

Let your dentist know that you feel a little nervous. The dentists at Riverdale Oral Health and Implant Center can help by explaining what will happen during a procedure. They may even be able to work around the parts of the procedure that you dislike the most.

Listen To Music

You don’t want to listen to the sound of your teeth being drilled. Bring some music and listen to your favorite songs instead.


Think of your favorite place to be, a pleasant memory, or plans for the future. Distracting yourself with visualization is an excellent way to relax.