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Bad breath is always a stressful thing to hide. It can be quite embarrassing when you have bad breath, especially in romantic situations. However, many people do not realize that bad breath can be a sign of a serious oral health problem in your smile. Halitosis is the medical term for the bad breath condition, and is common among many people across society today.

There are many different reasons that cause bad breath. Some of these reasons include:

· Certain foods
· Lack of brushing
· Lack of flossing
· Lack of mouthwash
· Some medications
· Poor cleaning techniques for braces or dentures
· Smoking and tobacco use

With so many causes of bad breath, it’s important to remember oral hygiene more than ever. Without the proper care and treatment, it would be easy to let your oral health slip into serious problems. Some health problems associated with halitosis include gum disease, cavities, yeast infections of the mouth, and dry mouth.

Bad breath can be both embarrassing and detrimental to your oral health. That is why here at Riverdale Dental P.C., we strive to provide you with the best possible care and treatment for your smile.

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