If you have moderate to advanced periodontal disease, our dentists may recommend a flap surgery procedure to help you begin regaining good oral health. This treatment allows us to remove infected tissue and harmful bacteria from your mouth, reducing your gum disease. To learn more about flap surgery in Riverdale, New York, and to make your appointment with Dr. Eric Poznyansky, call Riverdale Dental P.C. today at 718-548-3353.

When we perform flap surgery, our dentists gently fold back your gum tissue to expose your tooth roots and bone. We begin by numbing the area, after which we carefully separate and fold back your gum tissue. The inflamed tissue is then removed, and we perform a scaling and root planning treatment to clean and smooth the root and tooth, preventing plaque from sticking to your teeth as easily in the future. Your gums are then replaced over your teeth, and stitched into place.

You may experience mild to moderate pain after the procedure. We suggest that you use an over-the-counter pain reliever to control it, or ask about a prescribed pain medication. Be sure to clean your mouth as thoroughly as possible during the healing process. Brush very gently in the surgical site and brush and floss the rest of your mouth normally. If any swelling occurs, place an ice pack to your face over the treated area. The surgical site will be reexamined in 7 to 10 days.

For more information about flap surgery, and to schedule a consultation with our dental professionals, please contact our office today.