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Several accidents and injuries can occur throughout multiple times in your life and dramatically put your smile in harm’s way. In several instances, a single wrong move can end up costing you years of dental damage and wash away decades of support that you had given for your health care. However, if you do suffer a severe dental damage injury there are treatments in place to minimize the recovery time and care for your smile before professional treatments can be given. Consider the following oral emergencies and fast-acting treatment plans:

Teeth that have been knocked out:

– If you ever have teeth that are knocked out of your mouth, it may still be possible to have them reinserted later if the appropriate care is given to them in time. Make sure that any teeth that have been knocked out are immediately placed in a liquid solution. If you visit your dentist within one hour, you stand the best chance of having the tooth reinserted back into its socket.

Lost dental fillings/crowns:
– At times where you have lost a dental filling, a tooth that has sustained a cavity may be vulnerable to further damage. Cover up the area with sugarless chewing gum or over-the-counter dental cement. If you should lose a dental crown, try to find it to bring to your dentist and make sure you cover up the exposed area with a cotton swab. 

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