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When you have a slight toothache from an erupting or impacted wisdom tooth, there are some remedies you can try using to alleviate the uneasiness. However, please note that no home remedy can take the place of the thoughtful care of a licensed professional; see us if the discomfort is chronic or major. Here are a couple of things you can try at home when the uneasiness is only minor.

Some drops of clove oil, which contains numbing properties, can be placed on cotton swabs or q-tips and placed on the painful spot to soothe away the pain; do not leave the cotton in the oral cavity for long and do not use too much oil since surplus exposure to it can cause burns.

Garlic contains chemicals which fight bacterial infections, so you can use it when your wisdom teeth are infected. Mix minced garlic with a little bit of salt and rub it on the infected area. Likewise, saltwater fights bacterial infections. Mix salt with water and rinse your mouth out for about a minute once or two times daily; don’t swallow the water!

Finally, you can use tea at home to fight the effects of an achy tooth. Peppermint tea is good for numbing the pearly whites, and black tea can help bleeding teeth stop bleeding by forming clots. You can also clamp your teeth down on a moistened tea bag to make pearly whites stop bleeding.

If you are noticing excessive or severe hurt or bleeding, please do not attempt any of these home remedies. Instead, call our office at 718-548-3353 and schedule your next visit with Dr. Sidney Adler and the Riverdale Dental P.C. team in Riverdale, New York.