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Did you know that cavities are caused by the wearing down of your tooth enamel down the root of a tooth? If this happens, the tooth life source, also known as the pulp, will be vulnerable to damage from bacteria. This can lead to possible infections and eventual tooth loss.

Combat cavities with effective treatment plans for cavity prevention. To learn more, take the following cavity quiz:

A hole in your tooth caused by dental erosion is commonly referred to as what?
a.) Sleep apnea
b.) Bruxism
c.) A cavity
d.) A dental bridge

In dentistry, what does the ADA stand for?
a.) Alligator Denture Alliance
b.) American Dental Association
c.) Athletics-induced Dental Ailments
d.) None of the above

True or False: Foods such as candy and sweets can cause cavities.
a.) True
b.) False

True or False: Harmful acids in foods can weaken tooth enamel.
a.) True
b.) False

Answer Key: c, b, a, a

Cavities can be treated with the help of our licensed professionals at Riverdale Dental P.C.. To book an appointment with Dr. Sidney Adler at our dentist office in Riverdale, New York, please contact us at 718-548-3353. Don’t let cavities hold you back any longer. Save your smile with our help today!