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Root canal treatment is intended to preserve a tooth after the pulp or root has been weakened by infection following tooth decay or oral injury. Many people are hesitant to receive root canal treatment because it has been labeled as a painful procedure that can cause sickness, and many people believe it is preferable to choose full tooth replacement instead. Evidence from research has show that this is not the case, and the advancement of modern technology has enabled root canals to be a very important and convenient process.

Dr. Sidney Adler and Dr. Beth Berson want you to be able to enjoy the comfort of a healthy smile, and we strive to offer the dental restoration you need. We review the important steps of a root canal procedure that are performed to protect and restore your tooth:

– After applying a local anesthetic to improve the comfort of your root canal procedure, we can block off the area with a rubber dental dam that keeps the tooth clean and dry for an optimal treatment process.

– By carefully accessing the inner tooth area, we can extract any diseased tooth pulp and leave the root canal area clean and dry. We can even apply an antimicrobial solution that eliminates any lingering bacteria that still clings to the tooth.

– Typically, the material of choice to replace the extracted tooth pulp is a rubbery substance called gutta percha that we use to fill the tooth chamber. A temporary dental filling can cover the opening in the tooth and block out bacteria until we place a permanent dental crown customized to match your tooth. If needed, a post can also be placed in the tooth chamber to further support the tooth.

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